Rehabin Paradise was founded in 2018 and the main reason of this foundation is to treat the patients with the natural therapies and with natural medicine. People who are facing problems related to the health that is problems like physical or psychological. These both problems are enough to low down the capacity of a person and also can affect their daily performances. The responsibilities make a person the patient of psychological disorders and the aging or any sudden accidents let a person suffer from the physical problems like bones and muscle problems. For all of these problems related to mental and physical health Rehabin has introduced traditional therapies along with cultural and natural medicines. Rehabin is totally based on natural treatment and therapies without any side effects of medicines and also for the exercise needed for the physical treatment, there are advanced technology machines for effective treatment. we provide all the facilities to the patients and their families.


Different therapies are introduced by Rehabin for the treatment and fruitful results based on traditional and cultural ways. These therapies include: The nature therapy completely based on Eco-psychological principles. People feel refresh and have feeling of been soothed. More comfortable feelings arose when a person gets connected to nature. Although this therapy is not the solution of the problems but give a relax feel and active the brain cells. Ozone and oxygen therapy is mostly used for the cancer patient’s treatment and some of the other diseases as well. The radiations and chemotherapy for the patients of cancer is really painful and to give them relief form that pain, its burns and effects. Stem cell therapy is the non-surgical injection in which without having surgery a person can be cured with the injection as in it the patient’s stem cells are used for the treatment to accelerate the healing process. Platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP) is also a non-surgical injection treatment but it is different from stem cell therapy as in spite if using stem cells the healing factor in blood plasma of a human is used for the treatment to heal the degenerative or acute damage or pain in joints. In epigenetic healing, genes are passed to the daughter cells that are newly birthed and also can be inherited by the offspring that is new generation. The mental health problems like depression, aggression, addictions, OCD’s and other problems that arises due to the inherited traumas are treated. Light and heat therapy which is also known as infrared therapy is usually used to cure acute and chronic pains of muscles or bones. PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a phase or type of trauma that take birth when a person faces the bad event of life that left with less power. This appears when a person met with any physical or psychological trauma such as military combat, sexual assault, childhood abuse or sexual abuse, natural disaster or the feeling of losing a dear one. so for this PTSD and addiction therapy is used for treatment. Hydrotherapy is helpful for the children and adults who are accountable to lose the strength and muscle bulks. Intravenous (IV) therapy is a method of injecting the minerals directly into the blood stream.


Life and health coaching for the patients who are not satisfied with their life and health. Therapies and coaching related to life and health that can help you out from these problems and can give easy solutions to the problems. The life coaching is not only about the illness curing coaching but also is essential to have a mannered life that is full of etiquette, manners, way to eat and way to behave. The people who don’t have enough time to go to the classes or nutrition, they don’t have to worry about this because we are introducing special nutrition and cooking classes for the people so that they can learn the plans and cooking online and can become expert. This will also be helpful in maintaining the health. We also have specialized Doctors for Lab work, Allergy and DNA Testing as we know that everyone can do their tests by their own but a proper medical report is essential as allergies an DNA testing is not possible by a person itself.


The basic and mostly used philosophies to treat the patients naturallyare Oriental medicine, Concierge medicine, plant and energy medicine, Integrative and functional medicine as we believe in treating the patients with friendly environment so that we can easily build a relation between the physician and patients. Also the people who can’t afford are treated with the help of third party paying. We not only treat the patients but provide them best facilities and treatments for their curing as health comes first then anything else.