About us

Rehab in Paradise is all about providing its guests and patients the fruitful results for the treatment so that they can meet their health goals. By keeping in consideration old and cultural therapies such as nature therapy, hydrotherapy, epigenetic and PTSD and addiction therapies, nutrition coaching and classes, health and life coaching and many other therapies related to the problems of patients and or the guests. There are different techniques used to treat the customers and also top help them for getting rid of problems like addiction, depression, stress and other mental health problems. Physical problems such as muscle and bone pains are treated along with the traditional therapies such as nature, hydrotherapy, heat and light therapy. We believe in giving the natural treatment other than medications so that the patients can avoid side effects of medicines and other allergies as well.

Rehab in paradise provides: Nature Therapy, Ozone and Oxygen Therapy, Nutrition and Cooking Classes, PRP and Stem Cell Therapy, Epigenetic Healing, Light and Heat Therapy, Lab Work, Allergy and DNA Testing, Oriental Medicine, PTSD & Addiction Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Health and Life Coaching, Integrative and Functional Medicine, Plant Medicine, Vitamin IV Therapy, Energy Medicine, Concierge Medicine. The nature is full of beauty and carry healing power. The natural world in completely consists of beauty and sustenance as for thousands of years’ human, plants, animals has used natural sources for the fulfillment of their need of food, healing and freshness. Nature has ability to provide freshness and inner peace to the person that is the peace of soul. The real pharmacy of medicines laid in the branches and in the roots of the plants. Every person needs healthy and fit life and this healthiness means both mental and physical health. Vitamins are the essential part of the human’s life as without them a normal and perfect health is impossible.

We are here to provide our patients, beneficial services and guidance and will give our utmost efforts to make them satisfaction and relaxation. Proper healthy diet plans and therapies will be provided with expert coaching for healthy life. we are introducing special nutrition and cooking classes for the people so that they can learn the plans and cooking online and can become expert. This will also be helpful in maintaining the health as health is wealth and without good health a good performance cannot be expected. Healthy food maintains equilibrium and also active our cells to work faster and actively especially brain cells. These are some beneficial services that we provide to our patients for their well-being. We not only talks but satisfied our customers with services and behavior. Give a chance to Rehabin paradise for fruitful results for the healthy life.