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Rehab in paradise is like heaven for those who are suffering from psychological as well as physical problems. We are here for providing our patients the best therapies related to their problems such as psychological problems which include depression, anxiety, addiction, stress and physical therapies like muscle and bones related problems. Rehab in paradise is a heaven for those who are suffering from the psychological and physical problems. The trained and qualified staff has hired for the better treatment of patients and complete services related to food, counseling is provided and all the machinery used while treatment is advanced. Rehab in paradise facilitate its patients with each and every kind of aid need for the treatment. the patients are provided with friendly environment so that the relation between physician and patient can be strong and patient can share everything. Rehab in Paradise is all about to deliver best services to its patients and their families.

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Different therapies related to psychological and physical problems are provided as these therapies depends upon the traditional and cultural method. Without the use of medicines, you can get relief from your problems with therapies having fruitful result.

Epigenetic Healing

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We work for our patients or guest’s well- being to maintain their health. We provide almost all kind of facilities to let our patients meet their health goals. Founded in the heart of Costa Rica’s tropical rainforest, Eden’s Rehab in Paradise is proud to offer world-class drug and alcohol treatment is a peaceful and relaxing environment. Our world-renowned Tropical Oasis Treatment Center for addiction treatment is located in the town of Jaco Beach. With a New Owner Dr. Randy Raymond and recently renovated in 2018, our Eden rehab center sits on a private, 1.2-acre campus, mountain top facing the Pacific Ocean – boasting breathtaking views.

Our drug and alcohol rehab approach is founded by living a balance Model of care through healthy eating exercise and meditation. The approach combines multidisciplinary care for the body, mind and spirit with Twelve Step (or alternative) practices of mutual support.

Treating Mood Disorders with Iboga

While most patients undergo ibogaine therapy as a way to recover from serious drug addiction, this type of treatment can also trigger recoveries from many other psychological issues including depression, anxiety, and trauma. The drug’s deeply personal and illuminating nature also allows patients to let go of different types of patterns not related to drug use that may be equally difficult for them to break. This is especially life changing for victims of chronic depression, anxiety disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which often cause such intense emotional stress that recovery seems impossible. For people who suffer from these terrible chronic afflictions, iboga offers a bright ray of hope backed by hundreds of years of traditional use, many thousands of successful anecdotal cases, and more and more scientific validation.

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